Wireless Routers


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1. Support wide voltage DC5-24V power supply, two-stage automatic overvoltage protection, overvoltage protection point 27V;
2. Support WiFi transmission protocols such as 802.11AC, 802.11A, and 802.11N;
3. Wireless transmission rate: 900Mbps;
4. Transmit power: 19dBm/23dBm optional;
5. Peer-to-peer accessibility maximum transmission distance: 500 meters;
6. Two external 4dBi antennas can be extended by extension cable (optional);
7. Two 10/100s Mbps adaptive Ethernet ports with options for an expandable Ethernet port (one expansion);
8. WiFi hotspot memory, maximum memory 10 hotspots;
9. Support simultaneous connection of more than 20 WiFi terminal devices;
10. Use VDNS virtual domain name configuration technology to reduce user configuration difficulties;
11. Support manual shutdown of SSID broadcast and manual shutdown of WiFi hardware;
12. Support SSA signal strength detection and reporting function to realize WiFi mobile positioning;
13. Support configuration parameter import and export function to facilitate batch configuration of engineering projects;
14. Support IP layer transparent transmission and MAC layer transparent transmission two bridge modes to meet various bridge applications; IP layer transparent transmission (factory default), transparent transmission of IP layer data, can meet most bridges Application; MAC layer transparent transmission, transparent transmission of all data above the MAC layer (link layer) and MAC layer, including IP layer data. MAC transparent transmission can solve some special applications for MAC layer encryption, such as GoPro camera, Cisco AP, Hikvision monitoring system.
15. Using digital-mode temperature-compensated frequency stabilization technology, the WiFi signal is more stable and not easy to drop;
16. Working environment temperature: -40to 55 Celsius

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