HT002AA 950nm Low Glow 12MP Digital IR Game Trail Scouting Hunting Camera, Waterproof rating: IP54


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About The Product
1. This digital camera is a surveillance camera working automatically. It can be triggered at once by any movement of human (or animals) in a certain region of interested (ROI) monitored by a high sensitive Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensor, and then automatically captures high quality pictures (up to 12M pixels) or records 1080p HD video clips (WVGA or QVGA).
2. At sunrise the unit begins to take color photos and video until there is insufficient light (dusk) when it begins to take infrared (monochrome) photos and video.
3. It is easy to use, because there is a 2.5 inch colorful LCD display on camera and a sound recorder embedded in the camera. It is resistant against water and snow for outside uses.

1. Image Sensor Type (True Mega pixels): 8 Mega Pixels Color CMOS
2. Memory: SD Card 8MB~32GB (not included)
3. Lens: F=3.1; FOV=60 Degree
4. Size: 160mm x 120mm x 50mm
5. IR Filter: Full Automatic IR Filter
6. TFT Display Screen: 48×35.69mm (2.36 inch); 480(RGB) x 234 DOT; 16.7M Color
7. PIR Sensitivity: Dual PIR with 3 Sensitivity levels: High/ Normal/ Low
8. PIR Sensor Sight Angle: 60 Degrees for every one
9. PIR Sensing Distance: 65ft/20m
10. Number of IR LED: 42 LEDs Black or White
11. Max Night Vision Lighting Distance: 65ft/ 20m
12. Trigger Speed: 0.7 second
13. Low Battery indicator: YES
14. Triggering Interval: 1 second ~ 60mins (default 5 sec)
15. Selectable Image Resolution: 8MP/5MP
16. Multiple Frame: 1/3/6/9
17. Video Resolution(HD): 1080P/720P/VGA
18. File Format: JPEG/AVI
19. Date Time Imprint: YES
20. Moon Phase Imprint: YES
21. Exposure: Auto
22. MMS / Email/ FTP / SMS Support: No Support
23. Device Serial No: 4 Digits and 26 alphabet set by yourself
24.Periodic shot: 1 second ~ 24 Hours
25. Power supply: 2000mAh Li-on battery or AA battery
26). Water proof: IP54

1. Host x 1
2. Bandage x 1
3. AV cable x 1
4. USB cable x 1
5. CD User manual x 1
6. Power charger x 1

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.83kgs / 1.82lb
Qty per Carton 10
Carton Weight 9.20kgs / 20.28lb
Carton Size 41cm * 37cm * 29cm / 16.14inch * 14.57inch * 11.42inch

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