2 Set 10 PCS/ Set Inflatable Ball Toy 12 inch Birthday Wedding Balloon Toy(Rose Gold+ Rose Gold)


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category:party balloon
Specifications:12 inch
pack:10 pcs/pack
Balloon type:Decoration ball
Special Note:

1 When inflating the aluminum foil balloon, it must be slow. It can be filled to 90% with the pump, and then blown with a straw to control the gas volume to avoid breaking. If you encounter two layers of aluminum foil sticking, be sure to stop the inflating, gently pull the 2 layers of aluminum foil and re-inflate by hand, otherwise it will be easily damaged.
2 Sharp objects / unclean ground / direct sun and excessive extrusion are easy to damage and burst the ball.
3 When the aluminum foil ball is stored, it should be as flat as possible. Do not smash it into a ball. In addition, keep it dry and do not rub it with water.
4 Due to the thermal expansion and contraction of the gas, in the winter or when the temperature is lowered, the aluminum foil balloon should be properly ventilated; in the summer or when the temperature rises, the aluminum foil balloon should be properly deflated to avoid bursting. When deflated the aluminum foil balloon, so as not to burst. Generally, it can only float for 6-14 hours after being filled with hydrogen/hydrogen, so helium and hydrogen must be charged on the day of use (pay attention to safety)!

Features: It can be used repeatedly, without additional knotting, automatic sealing; can be filled with nitrogen, hydrogen (can be empty). Automatic sealing, the ball is flattened after the inflation is completed, and the glue attached to the ball will be automatically sealed.
Material: aluminum film

1 It can be filled with helium/hydrogen. Filling the air will not float!
2 The most ideal decorative balloons for wedding arrangements, birthday parties, Christmas, etc., with other balloons to use the festive effect. It is also one of the best gifts for children.

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.05kgs / 0.11lb
Qty per Carton 250
Carton Weight 24.00kgs / 52.91lb
Carton Size 188cm * 125cm * 62cm / 74.02inch * 49.21inch * 24.41inch

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