PULUZ 200cm Studio Box 6 Light Strip Bars 240W 5500K White Light Photo Lighting Shooting Tent Kit for Clothes / Adult Model Portrait, EU Plug


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1. 6 LED light bar strips with 78 LED beads and 40W for each strip (total 468pcs LED beads, 240W), brings you adequate light source for photos with a white background.
2. The high color index rendering (CRI value: 90%) LED chipset ensure maximum color accuracy with "daylight" 5500K color temperatures. Much more efficient than with traditional fluorescent or incandescent light.
3. Inside coating is a silver reflective fabric specially designed to provide uniform illumination, eliminating shadows and glare. Your photos will be clear and precise. It's recommended to use a tripod for sharper photos.
4. This fully operational all-in-one light packs up into a handy carry case.
5. Designed to users of any skills level, also for professional photographer to create high quality product images.
6. It has everything you need to take professional looking photographs for your online shop, such as clothes or models.
7. It is very easy to install! No other tools needed for the installation and uninstallation.Your bare hands are the only things needed for the installation. Space saving and very flexible. Can be utilized on various occasions or in different places.
8. Comes with a carrying bag and one (270*120cm) white background paper board. The paper boards are wrinkle resistant and water resistant.

Package List
1. Studio Box tent cloth x 1
2. Light bar strips x 6
3. Bracket Tubes (80cm, 120cm) x 16
4. Soft Cloth x 1
5. Power Supply 100-240V (EU plug) x 3
6. White Background Paper x 1
7. Background Paper clip x 3
8. Connectors x 8
9. Package carry bag x 1

Material Nylon Cloth
LED Quantity 468pcs
Color Temperature 5500K
Power Supply Input: AC 100-240V; Output: 18V 1.5A
Power 240W (6*40W)
Available Plugs EU Plug
Size 200*120*80cm (Box body)
Package Weight
One Package Weight 13.05kgs / 28.77lb
Qty per Carton 2
Carton Weight 28.00kgs / 61.73lb
Carton Size 130cm * 24cm * 46cm / 51.18inch * 9.45inch * 18.11inch

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