Mixed Set Of Vintage Skeleton Keys In Antique Bronze Of Different Size As Ornamental Decorations For Party Favors, Necklaces, Arts And Crafts(Bronze Set of 100 PCS)


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1. Size weight, and quantity: we provide two types of this product, one big set includes 100 PCS keys in different size from 14 mm to 83 mm, which is 270 gram; the other small set includes 9 PCS only, size from 68 mm to 87 mm, weight is 88 gram.
2. Material: Each key has been made using brass, a zinc alloy, and are all completely lead-free, safe to handle, and feel like real keys.
3. With their perfectly detailed antique-looking design, this set skeleton keys are great for a wide variety of uses, like crafts, for medieval party decorations, pirate parties and more.
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.37kgs / 0.82lb
Qty per Carton 60
Carton Weight 17.00kgs / 37.48lb
Carton Size 50cm * 32cm * 22cm / 19.69inch * 12.6inch * 8.66inch

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