4 PCS YouOKLight YK6619 GU24 to E26 / E27 LED Light Converter Lamp Holder Base Bulb Socket Adapter


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1. GU24 to E26 / E27 adapter provides the simplest solution to your home light adapter problems. Just twist one of these adapters into your GU24 pin-based fixture, and you are now free to use any standard screw-in bulb. GU24 to E26 / E27 adapters can meet all your need with its high quality adapters.
2. Application: GU24 adapters can be used to transforms your GU24 fixture to fit standard the (E26 / E27) medium size bulb in any. It fits any standard medium bulb to the GU24 and enables almost all commonly found bulbs to work with the output.
3. WATTAGE / VOLTAGE: GU24 adapter can be used with a Maximum Watts of 1000W and the Maximum Voltage of 250V.
4. BEST BARGAIN: this package includes 4 adapters, big saving. A deal for a full room application. This can used to test the product quality as a starter pack.
5. SAFETY: GU24 adapter is made from PBT fireproof material, 100% safe from electric flaming, Heat Resistant.
6. Always be prepared with the adapter for when your light bulb needs a replacement and you do not have a proper bulb.

Model YK6619
Material Ceramic, PBT
Load Power 1000W(Max)
Product Size 47*38mm
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.13kgs / 0.28lb
Qty per Carton 100
Carton Weight 13.50kgs / 29.76lb
Carton Size 40cm * 30cm * 24cm / 15.75inch * 11.81inch * 9.45inch

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