3 PCS PULUZ Acrylic Crystal Clear Ice Rocks Colored Stone Ornaments Photography Prop


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1. Made of quality pure and clear acrylic material, its irregular shape looks like realistic ice crystals.
2. These ice rock crystals are colorful and attractive, You can creatively use them for wedding arrangement, birthday party, home decor and arts & crafts.
3. The gems are shiny in the light, Use them for aquarium decor and it will emit fantastic colors when placed in water.
4. They are non- toxic and will not float in the liquid; Great for vase fillers, table scatters or pool decorations.
5. Perfect photo prop which can replace the true item when taking pictures.
6. Size: 2.6*2*1.5cm. Weight: 3g.

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.02kgs / 0.05lb
Qty per Carton 500
Carton Weight 4.00kgs / 8.82lb
Carton Size 38cm * 32cm * 22cm / 14.96inch * 12.6inch * 8.66inch

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